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Wet 'n Wild is a diversified park with more things to do together as a family than any other waterpark around. Come join us for action-packed thrills such as Disco H2O™, the Brain Wash™, the Black Hole™: The Next Generation, and the newest family attraction Blastaway Beach™. Share the adventure of heart pounding, hair pin turns, breathtaking dips, and high-speed falls. Make riding the surf at the giant Surf Lagoon Wave Pool, or floating in the gentle flow of the Lazy River part of your Universal Studios Orlando vacation. Ticket Momma wants to help you splash with big savings for the whole family at Wet 'n Wild, one of the biggest and most popular waterparks in Central Florida. With flumes, a Wave Pool, surfing, raft rides and slides, this park is dripping with excitement for your vacation. Don't get soaked on prices elsewhere! Maybe Momma will slip into her swimsuit and join you for a ride on the Lazy River! It's water, sun and fun - the 3 things Ticket Momma loves to share with her visitors.

Fun Rides for the Whole Family:

Blastaway Beach at Wet 'n Wild Blastaway Beach™

Quality time with the family transforms into FUN time with the family at Blastaway Beach™! Explore all that there is to do to keep everyone in your family happy including:

• Largest family water play area in Florida

• Sand-castle themed playground has a top height of 60ft. with 15 slides and over 160 interactive water elements

• Spans across 2 pools: a lower and an upper pool

• Has a secluded area with seating and only one entrance/exit

*Children and non-swimmers should not be left unattended.

Lazy River at Wet 'n Wild Lazy River

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the traditional theme park visit and float leisurely down our Lazy River. This mile-long, winding river will take you on a relaxing journey as you drift past replicas of old boat docks, rustic billboards and enchanting waterfalls.

*Children and non-swimmers should not be left unattended. All children 48” tall and under are required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest / flotation device while swimming in the Lazy River.


Surf Lagoon Wave Pool at Wet 'n Wild Surf Lagoon Wave Pool

Covering 17,000 square feet, the Surf Lagoon Wave Pool is surrounded by a sun deck with giant umbrellas and lounge chairs. The Surf Lagoon even has 4-foot waves that intermittently roll into the shallows.

*Children and non-swimmers should not be left unattended. All children 48” tall and under are required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest / flotation device while swimming in the Surf Lagoon.


Group Thrill Rides:

Disco H2O at Wet 'n Wild Disco H2O™

With disco ball lights and groovy sounds, this 4-person tube ride blasts you into a wet and wild past. And after the thrill ride ends, you'll have to agree that Disco is back, and better than ever!



Brain Wash at Wet 'n Wild Brain Wash™

This 4-person tub ride takes you on a mind trip that includes an all too real 53-foot drop in the swirling dark, through a domed funnel. Whatever you may have had on your mind before, gets wiped clean by the Brain Wash!


Black Hole at Wet 'n Wild THE BLACK HOLE™: The Next Generation

Propelled by a 1,000 gallon-a-minute blast of water, you and a friend will battle space and time on a 2-person raft in a Black Hole. This journey will propel you through 500 feet of twisting, turning darkness, punctated by explosions of sound and colors, in a mere 30 seconds.


Flyer at Wet 'n Wild The Flyer

Covering 450 feet of banked curves and hairpin turns, this 4-person in-line tube finally lets you fufill your dream of sliding along in a toboggan wearing a swimsuit.


Surge at Wet 'n Wild Surge

Take an exhilarating 5-story tube ride that carries up to four persons in a tube down 600-feet of banked turns, radical twists and diabolical dips.


Super Thrill Rides:

Bomb Bay at Wet 'n Wild Bomb Bay

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be the bomb? Like an ACTUAL bomb? If your answer is "YES" this super thrill ride is for you. Step into a capsule designed after the fuselage of military bomber, then watch as the floor is taken out from beneath you as you drop 76 feet down a nearly vertical slide. This ride is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Individuals must be 48" in height or taller



Storm at Wet 'n Wild The Storm

Differing from the many tube-related rides in the park, Storm is a body coaster. Riding storm is like riding a tornado, without all the life-threatening danger, of course. You'll be sent spinning into a giant bowl that will plop you safely into a pool below.

Individuals must be 48" in height or taller

Wet 'n Wild Thrill Rides

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