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Orpheum Theatres is a chain of showcases spread out over the U.S. and Canada. The theatres operate individually but work as a team to spread the word of their current acts and performances. In this way finding an art that you favor can be easy and achievable with little effort. Because these theaters are placed in key locations such as major cities and areas of high population they are always readily available to the public, and there is most likely one within distance of you. The list of locations is: Boston, Omaha, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Madison, Sioux Cit, Memphis, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Tampa, New Orleans, Vancouver, New York and Wichita. These theatres offer you all kinds of performances in all fields of art. From dancing to musicals and even both combined you will find something that suits your appetite for theatre work. Because of the wide net that the Orpheum Theatres cover they have an impressive track record for stage shows. Ranging from some of the most popular performers in the world to small town dreams you can find people from all across the board, as well as have an opportunity to see some acts that will later let you say I saw him live before his/her name was even recognized. Because the Orpheum Theatres operate independently you can always find a different venue at each one, if you are on vacation or a business trip and come in contact with one of these theatres be sure to stop in and see what is showing, it's sure to be always different. Since the Orpheum's creation in 2003 they have been dedicating time and effort to bringing you the utmost in quality when it comes to the arts, be sure to repay them with a visit and enjoy the complex shows, concerts and performances throughout the year!


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