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If you ever talk to performing artists and ask about what theatre they dream of playing in you will probably find that most are interested in the Gershwin Theatre, and for good reason. This large theatre is located in Manhattan on West 51st Street in the center of town, perfect for its luxurious setting and pristine condition. The theatre is actually located in the basin of the Paramount Plaza Building, something that should be recognized when visiting this well known theatre. The architect behind this ingenious design was Ralph Alswang, a prestige designer and enthusiast, since its creation in 1972 the theatre has however undergone several renovations to keep the theme up to date with modern society. This fantastic theatre is named after George Gershwin the composer and his lyricist Ira Gershwin. The theatre can be found on the lower levels of the building, above are office complexes, the entire buildings construction has been estimated to cost 12.5 million. The Gershwin Theatre replaced the old Capital Theatre, however in its opening it has endeavored to keep the shows and themes that were originally part of the Capital. When the Gershwin Theatre opened in 1972 it was named the Uris Theatre after the buildings developers, the opening act was done by Raul Julia, the Via Galactica. Over the years the theatre has been home to some of the most legendary rock, jazz and pop music performers, names that will stay around forever. Performers such as Seesaw, Sammy Davis Jr., Andy Williams, Sweeny Todd, Show Boat, Starlight Express, Candide, Wicked and many, many more have had the opportunity to play on this phenomenal stage. When you are visiting the Manhattan area be sure to check for live shows, events and productions in the Gershwin Theatre, the largest theatre of all the current Broadway Theatres!


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