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Located in Paradise, Nevada this new and impressive venue is something every music enthusiast should have the opportunity to participate in. This stunning theatre was built specifically for the prestigious Celine Dion's show A New Day, at an amazing cost of ninety five million in US dollars. The Caesars Palace Colosseum is part of the Caesars Palace Casino complex, one of the most pronounced resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The theatre was constructed by Park Place Entertainment and specifically designed to look and feel like the well known Colosseum in Rome. The palace stands a total of 256 in diameter with a robust rotunda 120 feet above floor level. The stage is a massive 22,450 square feet, something that Caesars Palace is happy to boast upon. Covering the beautiful state is a proscenium arch, raised forty four feet into the area and with a huge width of 120 feet. This incredible theatre features a hundred and fifteen separate surround sound units that bring the music and performances onstage to life in a way few theatres every dreamed. The palace is specially designed so that no seat is further than 120 feet from the stage, ensuring that everyone has roughly the same view and experiences the same exhilarating sound that absolutely fills the room. Since its opening in 2003 Caesars Palace has hosted a wide variety of performers including Luis Miguel, Cher, Bette Midler, a wide variety of local musicians and performers and of course, the stadiums original purpose; Celine Dion. Since 2005 the palace has won the Billboard Touring Award for small venues for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007, an outstanding track record for musical talents and an impressive feat for such a new theatre. This large theatre seats up to 4,296 participants and features such a large variety of shows that it has quickly become a fan favorite of visitors to the Vegas area.


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