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This unique and signature designed amphitheatre was designed by the well known Max Abramovitz. His work in the field of theatre design and optimization has given this theatre a fantastic art scheme as well as working as a natural amplifier of sound. In 1962 when the theatre first opened it was named the Philharmonic Hall, the original reason for its construction was to move the orchestra of Carnegie Hall to a bigger, better structure. Later a director of the Philharmonic board of directors generously donated a huge sum of money to the Hall, over 10 million to be exact, and the building was renamed after Avery Fisher in 1973. Since its original opening in 1962 the Avery Fisher Hall has been one of the largest contributors to the performing arts in the New York City Area, allowing multiple acts and venues to be featured onstage. When Avery Fisher Hall began to reach its peak of local interest BBN or Beranek and Newman were hired to design a new interior that both appealed to modern society and held the unique natural amplification trait that Abramovitz had original designed it accomplish. The new modern look of fine red wood and sleek gloss covered furnishings was the outcome. The new design features a shoebox like symphony hall that seats up to 2,400 happy guests. The echoing acoustics off these carefully designed walls are something everyone interested in the acoustic world should have the opportunity to experience. The Avery Fisher Hall is currently scheduled for reservations beginning in the summer of 2010; however the scheduled date has changed periodically over the last few years. The Avery Fisher Hall is currently used for a wide variety of different performances, ranging from the height of musical talents to non-musical acts and showcases. The Hall has been extending a service to local schools and universities as a location for graduation ceremonies, a true honor for students. The hall is also used for concerts and even featured Queen. But of course, the hall mainly caters to the orchestral performing arts that visit the area.


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