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Located in New York City on West 42nd Street the American Airlines Theatre is one of the many Broadway theatres in the area. The original name of the theater was the Selwyn Theatre after Edgar and Archie Selwyn, two brothers who constructed the theatre in 1918. The Selwyn brothers owned three separate theatres on 42nd Street; these three were the Selwyn Theatre, the Apollo and the Times Square Theatre. When the theatre opened its design was a close replication of Italian Renaissance; however, over the years the style and interior design have changed to accompany a more modern look. Innovations and renovations have been added to the theatre over the years, completely altering its original look, however when your inside you can see via a showcase how the theatre has changed over the past hundred years. Surprisingly enough one of the boasted features of the theatre upon its opening was separate smoking rooms for men and women, supposedly a unique idea that was supposed to revolutionize the theatre experience. The American Airlines Theatre or AAT for short has seven hundred and forty seats, however when it opened in 1918 it had one thousand one hundred and eighty, a drastically larger number than its current seating space. In 1990 the State of New York took possession of Selwyn, and it fell under the protection of the New 42nd Street organization. After renovating the theatre it was renamed the American Airlines Theatre after is largest contributor and sponsor. Over the years the theatre has seen hundreds and hundreds of stage shows, acts, concerts and art performances. This well used theatre is a Broadway spectacle much like the rest with the one feature that stands out above the others, it has been around much longer, and still holds true to some of the old ways that many have forgotten. Be sure to check the venue while your in the area, there is sure to be a show or performance that interests you!


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