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Women of Faith is a live appearance series taking some of the most influential women in faith and bringing them to a multitude of arenas all over the country for a giant dedication to God and faith. This amazing series outlines the word of the Lord and lets others come together to see just how many women there are out there who love each other and provide support for one another. Their mission is to travel the country and see all of the fellow worshipers of Christ. These firm believers in the word are very inspired and do a great deal in spreading the word of the Lord to potential future followers of the faith. You will never experience anything like it in your life unless you attend in person.

Women of faith is a beautiful culmination of Christian believers who share stories, experiences, and more in these live events that will surely touch your heart if given the chance to. There is a lot of crying, rejoicing, and just raw emotion in these events. Women of Faith events include ”Imagine” and “Over the Top”; these two events are very electrifying and bring the Women of Faith to an arena near you for an overall illuminating experience. What better way to “see the light of Christ than with a Women of Faith experience, a truly amazing, life changing experience to be had by all who love Jesus Christ.

When you’re sitting in this arena full of hope and promise, you will truly feel the warmth of the lord amongst his many children. These women are truly gifted in their interpretations and their ability to unite everyone in this arena. The word is intensified through song and music as well. Big name Christian artists sing and play some of the finest music ever heard incorporating the word of the Lord into the verse and chorus. This is truly an experience of a lifetime, but it doesn’t have to happen once in your lifetime. Once you experience one you will not be able to stop attending.

Women of Faith started in 1996 with a simple message. That message is that beyond a doubt, God loves you, regardless of your place in life. They use honesty with a blend of good, clean humor to spread this message of love and that helps spread the message farther than any other method. This is a group of real women, with real issues, in which god has awoken them and allowed them to tackle these issues. You should definitely attend a Women of Faith event with discount tickets to sold out events. Here you will find plenty of resources, books, and people to connect with. Stay strong, and always know that God is your homie.


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