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Kevin Smith, proprietor of View Askew Productions and the director of a plethora of cult classic films such as Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and a few others makes his way to a theater near you for the ultimate fan loyal event “Too Fat For 40” tour. Kevin is an outspoken and ambitious individual with plenty to say, and he brings it live to his fans with great force. He is an absolute riot, as his films will show (which he always plays some sort of part in or makes appearances in). You may know Kevin Smith’s character in most of these movies. His character, Silent Bob, is somewhat of an alter ego for Kevin. Kevin is very verbal, very opinionated, and rarely keeps his ideas and thoughts to himself. In his movies however, Kevin plays a quiet, gentle man in a trench coat who pals around with Jay, his best friend who takes Kevin Smith’s actual role as an outspoken individual with a lot to say and absolutely no shame whatsoever. He is very brash, outspoken, and very rude at times. Kevin is not exactly that way; he is more in the middle with Jay being one extreme and Silent Bob being the other. You should see this culmination of extremes live on stage when Kevin comes to your town. Get your hard to find Kevin Smith tickets for less right here!

Kevin is a fan of all kinds of cool stuff including comic books, movies, hockey, and more. He brings all of his likes and dislikes to the stage in his live appearances just for you, his fans. Make it a point to come out and check out the wisdom in many things awesome of Kevin Smith. He will make you think, make you laugh, and make you want to get out there and do your own thing, no matter what it is. Kevin is definitely ambitious, stretching himself out and about to conquer everything he is into including writing, directing, acting, and so much more. He will bring out your inner ambition just based on the experiences he has had with chasing his dreams and goals. He brings this motivation through experience blended with well placed comedy and interest. Find out what makes Kevin Smith tick when he comes to a theater near you. Ask him questions, get into his head, and maybe someday you can do the same things with your life. Get your tickets to sold out Kevin Smith appearances right here!


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