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Joel Osteen is the Pastor of Lakewood Church, and is a native Texan. He has been spreading the word of God since 1999 when he took over for his father after his sudden death from a heart attack. At first, Joel wanted to work behind the scenes instead of preaching as his father did. His father founded Lakewood Church and in 1982, Joel returned to Lakewood to head up the churchís televised ministry where he would produce his fatherís televised sermons for 17 years. After countless invitations from his father, Joel finally took up preaching after his fatherís passing in 1999. Since his taking of the preaching reigns, Joel has helped increase the attendance of Lakewood Church to astronomical heights. Since the amount of parishioners grew and grew, so did the popularity of the church. Just two weeks after he became a preacher, Joel was named the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church. Attendance skyrocketed at Lakewood after becoming the Senior Preacher at Lakewood church. The numbers soared so high that Joel needed to find a new location for the church. That new location was found and in 2005 Joel settled the church into the former Compaq Center, the old home to the Houston Rockets. The new Lakewood Church could now accommodate a cool 16,000 parishioners. This was a much needed increase because the church has been deemed the fastest growing church in the United States.

To see the size of the church is truly amazing. The fact that it accommodates 16,000 strong 4 times a week is amazing. There are large churches in the United States but this one is the biggest in the country and fastest growing. To see it is to believe so make your way to Lakewood for a sermon if you need the powerful voice of the lord in your life. If you enjoy the word of God through the voice of Joel Osteen, then you donít necessarily need to travel to Houston for a sermon. Chances are you can catch him live in your home town as he travels around spreading the word in arenas near you. Find your faith in the lord through the voice of Joel Osteen as he expresses his passion, which has been his for his entire life. He gets deeply rooted into the sermon and inspires with every word. Make your plans to see Joel Osteen live in an arena near you and donít forget to book your hard to find Joel Osteen tickets right here!


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