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At 23, Jane was sent out into the world of Chimpanzees to learn about their lives. She would learn tons from them as a silent observer. She took notes, studied their movements and actions from afar, and always respected their space and unity. Her eagerness to learn, her patience, and her general knowledge of animals cultivated a fire within her which burned bright. This fire was bright enough to catch the attention of Louis S. B. Leakey, an archaeologist and paleontologist in Africa who saw a lot of promise in Jane. Even though Jane did not have a degree, Louis offered her a position as an assistant. Jane set off on her first assignment on her own studying the wild chimpanzee. It was hard at first because they did not take kindly to humans; they were very shy at first. After a while, Jane began to study them from a distance and saw them utilize tools, actual handmade tools which were used to fish termites out of a nest for consumption. This discovery set Jane on her track to being one of the most known studiers and experts on chimpanzees in the world. Her discoveries helped her gain a good reference in Louis Leakey for a Doctorate degree. Jane’s adventure with the chimpanzees started in 1960.

Today, Jane is an advocate for chimpanzees and the preservation of their natural habitats, especially in Gombe. She speaks to people all over the world on the amazing discoveries she has made over the years with the chimps and does whatever she can to inform and teach others about their amazing abilities. She offers her experiences and knowledge to you at her live speaking appearances where she gives a lot of insight into the hidden society of chimps, which may be where we derived from. The parallels are sometimes amazing, and the chimps are even better than us at memory games and other tasks. They are so amazing, and with her passion and knowledge, Jane Goodall definitely sucks you in with and does an amazing job of spreading the word of these mammals. She does an amazing job as a liaison between the populous and these amazing animals which run free and take care of families as we do on a regular basis. If you are a lover of chimpanzees and want to know all you can about them, Jane Goodall is someone you may want to listen to. Get great deals on hard to find Jane Goodall tickets today.


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