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Glenn Beck is a large personality when it comes to right-wing politics keeping the information train rolling with his controversial reports of terrorist, religion, American values, and the lot. He has been presenting his voice and appearance on the radio for decades, starting his career in 1977 at the age of 13. He would go forward to be a hit radio host discussing all the topics that hardcore right-wingers love to talk about. He persists in sending the message of little government, big religion, and higher morals for everyone through intense conservative thinking. He’s a major player on Fox News, promoting the same agenda through highly conservative thinking with a “guilty until proven innocent” mindset. He began his television appearances on CNN airing his show on a prime-time block of Headline Prime. His show was witty and featured a new, comical (in the form of sarcasm) look on today’s issues and biggest problems at hand. Although his Fox News show, Glenn Beck, is high in ratings, it may be due to the curiosity of the people and not that they are looking to Glenn Beck for actual news. The way he delivers the message, with his sarcastic comedy spin, puts him on the lines of The Daily Show, being very left-wing and on Comedy Central. This has caused controversy for not only Glenn but Fox News. None the less, Glenn has ratings which means people want to hear what he has to say.

Glenn Beck is also a NY Times best-selling author who has hit the best-seller list with at least four of his ten books, which have been published in many formats including hardcover, paperback, electronic, audio, and children’s books. He focuses on the “refounding” of our country utilizing high morals, God, essentially working towards the rebuilding of our nation to what it once was, a powerhouse of production which would benefit our people exponentially. His influence on the masses is definitely noticeable and you have not seen a live appearance until you have seen Glenn Beck Live. You have got to be there to see his energy and the passion behind what he does from day to day. Listen to all of his good advice and start changing this country back to what it once was one person at a time. There is no excuse to not see Glenn Beck Live. Get discount hard to find tickets today.


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