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Former President Bill Clinton has spent plenty of time in the Oval Office contributing to the betterment of our country through good old hard work and tough decisions. He lowered the deficit and created a surplus, aided in the increase of our economy, and made sure the unemployment rate was at its lowest in decades. He spent a great deal of time working for the people of this fine country and it is no surprise to anyone that he would still be contributing his intelligence and his experience to the American people and beyond. One of his main primary focuses right now is the environmental, ecological, and social sustainability of society in terms of what we use, how we use it, and if we are wasting or not. He is an eco-friendly individual who knows the importance of being sustainable in the world today when population soars to new heights and the world suffers depletion of certain resources. We have got to make an attempt to better our situations and realize what our purpose should be versus what they are at the moment. We are in the presence of a recession which is claiming jobs, resources, and basically leaving us in the cold. All of this occurs while we sit and watch, or donít watch due to our attention being on useless facets of life, the more trivial points.

Former President Clinton is accompanied by environmental justice advocate Majora Carter, New York Times columnist David Brooks, author Jeannette Walls, and oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau in this very important series where all of the issues plaguing our society in reference to our current sustainability and where we stand as far as damage to our environment goes. This panel of individuals adds an amazing amount of experience in their respective fields of study and adds to the case against doing things the way we currently do. They do an amazing job of building the case to support the importance of changing our ways because we are the purveyors of this fine planet right now, but the future lies in the hands of the people most important to us, our children. Everyone knows that education is the best way to prosper and this panel of personnel does the job finely. Make sure you attend this lecture series when you get the chance and keep yourself educated in the matters of the future of our planet. Find great deals on hard to find Bill Clinton tickets.


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