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The Zoppé Family Circus is an Italian circus that focuses on the age old traditions of Italian circus performances. The origins of this amazing family tradition started 160 years ago on the foundation of a phenomenal love story. Napoline Zoppé, a street performer, fell in love with an amazing equestrian ballerina named Ermenegilda in 1842. These two fell in love right away and ran away with each other to Venice, Italy as her father disapproved of their love. They founded the Zoppé Family Circus and built it from the ground up using their talents and dreams. Today, the circus still stands after the miraculous journey it has undergone through times of war, poverty, and other tirals and tribulations. Today, six generations later, this circus still bears the same family name and has the same tight knit traditions as in the past. Giovanni Zoppé runs the family business and plays the circus’ lead role as Nino the Clown who almost acts as the ring leader for this production. The show itself, rather event, is set up not as individual acts as most circuses are but as a solid linear, or continuous story. This adds a theatrical element to the production which really makes it quite unique.

The Zoppé Family Circus includes classic acrobatic feats of excellence, equestrian acts, canines, and clowns. The show’s story goes from comical to compelling and expresses everything in between. You will laugh and cry at a Zoppé Family Circus event, but you will also remember the experience for the rest of your days. Throughout the years, the equipment has obviously been maintained and updated, the performers have come and gone (although many would stay for ages and there are next generation performers who show loyalty), but one thing will always remain certain. The circus was built on not only a love and respect for one another, but also for the love of the performance.

Today, the Zoppé bigtop is a quaint little venue for 500 people and offers a one ring show with a centralized story. This not only produces a more seamless and intimate performance, but it also transforms the circus from a show into an event. It is a celebration of hard work, dedication, and family tradition. As one of the most popular touring circuses in Europe, Zoppé has a lot of notoriety and is very comfortable overseas, but now they bring the shows to the states to entertain Americans and everyone with a quality show, family owned and operated, in the spirit and tradition of 160 years!


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