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Sold Out The Spencers Theater of Illusion Tickets

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The Spencers have been entertaining fans of illusion for years. They are a married couple that is dedicated to mystifying and entertaining their fans. Because there is an abundance of illusionists out there in the world, so the Spencers have made it a point and a personal goal to be better by offering an experience unlike any other illusionist out there. They offer a broad range of illusions including some interesting adaptations of the classics into never before seen tricks and illusions. They also offer an interactive experience to their audience in an amazing feat of mind reading. Drama, suspense, and electrifying stage setups are a staple in this amazing show. Their stage show is the largest and most ground breaking; they put such an amazing amount of effort into creating the perfect aesthetic for such an elaborate show; this is the beauty of the Spencers. You will not believe your eyes as these fine professionals blow the roof off of the magic game with their immaculate stage performance. The Spencers have captivated the masses to the point where they are now one of the most sought after acts in the business. They provide such a flawless show experience that they are revered as “Modern Day Houdinis” by professional critics and fellow presenters.

On their tour, they will stop in plenty of locations throughout the world to captivate their fans, and definitely make new friends. Tricks are only a part of a live illusion show. The charisma, appeal, and sheer skill have to be of top-notch standards in order to complete a realistic show without any noticeable slips or miscues. The Spencers are so in sync with one another and that makes this show flawless and absolutely mind blowing. The only way to truly see and believe this show is to visit one of its performances when they are in town. If you are local to the theater, there is now reason why you should not witness the magic and excitement of the Spencer Theater of Illusions. Watch as they perform levitations, walk through walls, vanish, and other amazing feats with an interesting and inventive twists. These 6 consecutive time winners of the IMS Merlin Award, and a plethora of others some of which are also multiple wins, are here for you live to captivate and mystify so make sure you get your hard to find or sold out tickets to Spencers Theater of Illusions today!


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