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The Quantum Eye is Sam Eaton’s magic show which takes an unsuspecting crowd into the mind of, well, a mind reader. Through an array of tricks Sam will baffle the crowd with his abilities to “read minds” from being able to predict what time you are thinking of to being able to simultaneously draw the same image as someone else without looking. This magic and mental deception show takes place in the comfort of a small theater where guests are just about front and center no matter where they sit. Sam is a very personable character as well. He makes himself readily available for meet and greets with his guests and loves to meet new people. Sam is totally enthralled with the mind, how it works, its common fails, and its potentials. He then takes this fascination and combines it with a love for magic to form his craft called “Mentalism”. Mentalists are not uncommon in the magic world; however, great ones are! Sam definitely enjoys what he does, in a very minimalistic fashion, always dressed in a nice suit, and ready to captivate his guests with his amazing ability to perform his show effortlessly and seamlessly.

Sam Eaton’s show, The Quantum Eye Magic and Mentalism, is a great way to spend an evening with the family. Everyone from children to really old people will like him and his mind invading ways. Aside from being really personable, he is very easy to get into and quite the speaker. The show does not get vulgar, graphic, or anything like that, and children are always encouraged to participate as much as adults are. There is something for everyone at a Quantum Eye show by host Sam Eaton. You will laugh, you will be stupefied, and you will surely be amazed at the unbelievable talents of the great Sam Eaton. Sam does a great job of incorporating light humor into his bit too. It is definitely enough to get the crowd going and keep everyone in the mix. This show is the perfect way to spend an evening after a nice dinner, or maybe even before. Whenever you decide to have dinner, guaranteed the only thing you will be talking about is how much fun you’ve had at Sam Eaton’s The Quantum Eye. Get your hard to find tickets to sold out The Quantum Eye shows here at a great discounted rate!


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