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The Bering Sea is filled with a commodity almost as valuable as gold to many fisherman in Alaska. Crab fishing controls the way of life for so many men who go out and risk their lives for months at a time during the harshest weather of the year. Discovery Channel has done an amazing job of bringing the men who do risk their lives to the public eye, and we love it! Watching these men go out there and do what they love to do in spite of the danger is appealing to us and we must have it. For some, this show is a calling card to all who may want a little adventure in their lives, to do something different, or to start into a career that they have wanted to follow for so long. For them there is a show that shows the day to day of the sailors/fisherman who risk their lives, but what about questions? How are those answered if not by personal experience? It takes a lot to head out to Alaska to pursue a career without ever having known the work, or even living near the ocean. This live appearance by Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern and Co-captains John and Andy Hillstrand of the Time Bandit sit down with their loyal fans and do a little Q&A session.

In this appearance, the toughest Captains of The Deadliest Catch sit with you and each other and swap stories about the rough seas, the destructive weather and crew conflict for an intimate session. Go into the life of an Alaskan Crab Fisherman on a personal level and see if you have what it takes to make it out on the high seas. You may be impressed by the knowledge that comes from within these hard men who complete the most dangerous job season after season or you may be scared out of the pursuit of this life changing career, but either way, you’ll find out more than you need to know in this live, interactive appearance. Sit and listen not only to trials and tribulations between these rugged individuals, who may seem as cold as the icy waters they navigate, but also the victories and the valiant team camaraderie that takes place out on the Bering Sea. These men lead the creed of a US Marine in that, leave no man behind, but sometimes the open ocean is very unforgiving.


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