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Amazing talent and breath-taking feats of acrobatics are what one will witness when visiting the New Shanghai Circus in Branson, MI. This amazing show is packed full of aerial acrobatics, balancing acts, and contortions classic Chinese dance and performance art. This show also hosts a great deal of fun, magic, and comedy. The vivid colors and stage décor will even keep the children occupied for the duration of the show! Over 40 acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, and traditional Chinese performers take the stage and captivate the crowds time and time again. Guests of the New Shanghai Circus will be at the edge of their seats as these amazing and talented performers mystify and entertain with an amazing blend of traditional and contemporary styles of dance and performance. From the Chinese yoyo performers to the 12 girls on a bike routine there is so much to see when visiting the New Shanghai Circus. Straight from China, this troupe of acrobats and performers are the best at what they do. They were brought to the US by an interesting mind and well versed entrepreneur named Mr. Lizhi Zhao. The troupe was brought to the states to perform in Branson, MI under the name “Incredible! Acrobats of China”. They quickly became a staple in the performing arts of Branson and were recognized by the Culture Ministry of China for their greatness.

There are so many acts to witness in this production from juggling to acrobatics. One of the most exciting performances would have to be the Round-table Skating performance. These performers, two of them, dance on roller skates at blinding speeds and slow down to a peaceful pace al within minutes. The feats they complete are truly amazing and will have you at the edge of your seat for sure. There is no way you will be able to sit without fidgeting or needing to look away when Miss Zhai, Junnan spins wildly in the air hanging from a strap held by her partner, Miss Liu Yang from her teeth! The Chair Stack is another amazing performance put together by the talent of the New Shanghai Circus. This performance features three acrobats who stack chairs as high as 40 or more feet in the air, climbing to the top for an amazing balancing act. Jar, hat, and Chinese yoyo juggling are all great acts which lend themselves to a novelty circus act that just can’t be topped by anyone else who does it. With so much to see at the New Shanghai Circus, the only way to appreciate it all is to purchase tickets and go in person.


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