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Mythbusters is probably one of the most interesting shows on television where a team of scientifically driven characters take everyday myths and either try to bust, prove, or find a happy “plausible” medium for each one. They complete the task at hand by using a multitude of gadgets, gizmos, knowhow, and proven scientific theories. The team on the show consists of Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara. They are very good at what they do, and now they bring you their magnificent show live to a city near you!

The myths that they conquer live are some that have been busted or proved to be plausible in the past including “Mentos and Diet Cola”, “Cooling a Six-pack”, and many others. Another great part of the show (when they come to a theater near you) are the action and blooper reels from the televised show that are displayed on a large screen in the auditorium. Some of these videos, especially the explosions, are played at regular speed then slowed to an extremely slow speed where the aftermath can be viewed in great detail. These slow-motion videos are filmed at 1000 frames per second. Since the average rate of speed for film is around 29 frames per second, the film produced at 1000 frames per second includes many more still shots crammed into the same timeframe, giving the effect of super slow speed.

The show also includes a little question and answering session where fans get to ask all kinds of questions about the cast, filming the show, and any number of questions that come to the eager minds of the fans. There is video of one Mythbusters Live show where the cast revisits the slow-motion slap of Adam Savage. This footage really gets the fans laughing due to the content of the slap reel. This on top of funny moments, adlib moments, and blooper footage really make this experience intimate and fun. It the show was totally about science and debunking myths, it probably wouldn’t be Mythbusters.

These guys and their team absolutely love what they do, and it shows! It is easy to see that they really dedicate themselves to the preservation of the Scientific Method when tackling a myth and they use their love for special effects to really bring the experience home to you in an enjoyable method. Buy your tickets for Mythbusters Live today and get your questions ready!


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