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My Wild Life is a lecture/live appearance from renowned Anthropologist/Primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor. Mireya was once an NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins with a love for animals. After completing graduate school to become a doctor in Anthropology with a specialization as a Primatologist she became a correspondent for National Geographic on shows such as “Explorer”, “Ultimate Explorer”, “Out There”, and is now working on a show for Mark Burnett entitled “Expedition Africa” for the History Channel. As you may know, Mark Burnett is the creator of “The Apprentice” and “Survivor”. Her job on these shows is traveling abroad studying animals of many species, with most being endangered. She has traveled the jungles of Madagascar, the bayous of Louisiana, and other amazing far off lands to not only collect information on the wonderful native creatures but also to spread the awareness of the importance of these animals to people all over the world. Her job is extremely important and her character and good looks help in spreading the message so much nicer than any other.

Her love and passion for the wildlife she reports on shines through in her speaking engagements as well as her televised shows. She is very engaging and brings a new level of understanding to the topics of preservation, habitat, and characteristics of the animals. She has done everything from swim with the great white shark to camp out in jungles full of poisonous snakes and territorial wildlife. The best part about all of this is that she manages to respect the boundaries of animal and man and only when invited makes her way into the lives of these amazing creatures. Her interactivity with the animals, in highest respects for the animals themselves, is just inspiring to see. She makes animal lovers all over inspire to discover and cherish the cycle of nature which envelopes our great planet.

You can see Mireya live in a city near you and take full advantage of her love, passion, and experience with these majestic and wonderful animals. Listen to her words of wisdom as she educates the masses on the lives and habitats of these fine creatures. Ask plenty of questions because after all, as a professional that is what she is there for! You will be amazed at the extent of her knowledge and how passionate she is when you buy your tickets to My Wild Life today!


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