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Monster Jam Truck Show has got to be one of the most “in your face” shows of all time with loud aggressive trucks tearing up the track at your local arena! Non-stop monster truck action, races, stunts, and just all around dirty good times are what you will find when you attend Monster Jam! Watch your favorite trucks like Aftershock, Annihilator, Backdraft, Batman, Bulldozer, El Matador, Grave Digger, Predator, and many more crush cars, take hairpin turns, and lead a monstrous path of destruction during this music blaring, chest pounding, explosion of good times and hardcore motoring action! This event is one to not be missed and must be experienced once in a lifetime to really appreciate the ingenuity of these monstrous vehicles. You will see these monstrous vehicles climb giant ramps leading to a bone yard of wrecked cars, busses, and other vehicles ready for the crush. These trucks get so much height that when they come back down to the ground, they are literally bouncing left and right. Part of the excitement is seeing if they will topple over, which does happen. The size of these vehicles combined with how hard they are driven really challenges the ability of man to create a powerful machine by pushing them to the limit night after night.

Every now and then, you may see a truck get destroyed in a mishap, turn over, or other damaging occurrence. Every now and then, the truck will come off of a ramp and land so hard that the wheel assemblies will fall off! That is amazing! The most amazing part of this spectacular is the sound that these trucks make when they are moving around the arena. They are so loud and powerful, they will make the ground beneath you shake, and the air around you quiver. The sounds of metal being crushed and vehicles being slammed together is a sound that is out of this world! Monster Jam is truly a sight to be seen! Even the kids will enjoy this event to the fullest!

This show is catered toward everyone who has a love for speed, loud and powerful engines, and destruction! Kids absolutely love the trucks and their themes and paint jobs. They really enjoy the action on the track as a monster truck rises high on its rear wheels to come down crushing the little vehicles underneath it. They also get into the cool paint jobs on the trucks. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and other awesome superhero themed trucks make their way to the arena floor where they display just how powerful they can really be. There is no stopping the intensity of the Monster Jam, so you may as well embrace it with discount tickets to sold out Monster Jam events.


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