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Sadness, the ultimate loss in a family with the loss of a loved one can never be easy. Sorrow, guilt, and regret for a missed “I love you”, an untold message or secret, or just a last goodbye can be crippling to the prospect of moving forward with a life you still have. Getting these messages across, hearing something from this loved one, or just knowing that they are safe and OK are sometimes detrimental to the success of being able to make it through the days ahead or worse, life itself…That’s where the supposed talents and abilities of John Edward come into play. He greets all of his guests with open arms, ears, and a willingness to move forward with missed messages, goodbyes, or “I love you’s”. Edwards is a “psychic medium” who can communicate with these individuals who have passed on to the other side. His goal is to bridge the gap between the living and the deceased so that there are no mysteries, there are no untold words of acceptance, regret, or otherwise. This show truly promotes closure, acceptance, and more from many of its guests. John is pleased to share his gift with everyone and welcomes anyone to his shows to maybe find out what happened, where they are going, or what they need to say when they make contact.

Normally, making contact with those who have passed on is very dangerous. They may not want to leave and continue to linger in a limbo which includes the slow passing of time, probably due to a rift in the temporal fabric of existence. Although John walks along the razor’s edge, he continues to mystify his audience members with the accurate questions and conclusions he comes to. John is probably 90% correct around 50% of the time through a combination of psychic ability and deductive reasoning, mainly deductive reasoning, to create a dialog with those who have passed who just happen to make their way to the show on the same day that their loved ones happen to be on the show. It is quite amazing to say the least! You should definitely experience John’s deductive reasoning, and psychic ability. You won’t be able to fool him with a fictitious story or lost loved one. If they are not present that day, he will not call on you. It is, however, very interesting to be a part of the show to watch as others learn about their lost loved ones.


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