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There is an amazing discovery opportunity happening around the corner from you in Atlanta, Georgia. Witness this amazing interactive experience with some of the most amazing creatures of the sea at the Georgia Aquarium. Guests of the aquarium will be introduced to sharks, beluga whales, harbor seals, garibaldi damselfish, Japanese spider crabs, and a ton of other animals in this face to face experience with some of the most amazing sea life known to man. Families will be able to enjoy all kinds of events and programs offered at the aquarium from behind the scenes tours to sleepovers. What would be greater than having a birthday party for your little explorer at one of the most magical and educational hotspots in all of Georgia?! What would make for a greater time than letting your loved one or even yourself SWIM with whale sharks, the gentlest creature in the ocean and quite possibly the largest fish in the world? There are so many adventures and exciting findings waiting around every corner of this amazing facility so get up now and start exploring as soon as possible. You can find great deals on hard to find tickets to Georgia Aquarium events and programs.

With so many exhibits and galleries available for your enjoyment, there is never a shortage of action and excitement at the Georgia Aquarium. Witness an abundance of exhibits and galleries at Georgia Aquarium which include Cold Water Quest, Georgia Explorer, Ocean Voyager, River Scout, Tropical Diver, Planet Shark, and 4D Theater. Make early reservations and purchase tickets to one of the many lecture series, workshops, kids parties and events, or even behind the scene tours that will inspire an educational growth in the youngest of your family. Most of all, come experience the amazing plant and animal life that swims about this amazing facility and learn about the greatest habitat on our planet.

While you’re there, check out the newest addition to the aquarium, World of Water. This photography exhibition is filled with pivotal images from a wide array of professional and amateur photographers across the country. These photos, originally submitted in a photo contest of the same name, were narrowed down from thousands of entries and are deemed the best of the entries. These images do a wonderful job of personifying the experience of the ocean and animal interaction by including “your” vision of the ocean, what you see when you are out there from that third person view.

With plenty to see and do, there is no need to be worried of being bored at this amazing place of learning and understanding. Make sure you preorder your passes and tickets to Georgia Museum events and programs today!


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