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The Flying Karamazov Brothers started their partnership in the public eye during a craft fair circa 1973 in Northern California. Throughout the 80’s these talented performers did their thing for numbers of viewers and fans in quaint little theaters, building up a reputation for pure entertainment. The earlier shows were under the name “Juggling & Cheap Theatrics”. Throughout the years, and many other show names, they came to be known as the Flying Karamazov Brothers in 1994, not under that name exactly however. Today, they captivate audiences all over with their uncanny ability to juggle some pretty impressive stuff. Some objects they are challenged to juggle aren’t as orthodox as they should be and quite often cause a pretty nasty mess on stage.

These guys are truly amazing! They will juggle just about anything you can toss at them, literally! There is a segment of the show which features one of the brothers and his “gamble”. For this spectacular, the audience submits a wide variety of objects, sometimes edible and other times breakable, for the brother to juggle. If can successfully juggle the odd and misshapen items then he is victorious. If cannot juggle the items he gets pied in the face by the remaining brothers. At one point, audience members can have the brother selected for the bit juggling anything from a fresh, slimy fish to a cheesecake, or both! This outrageous portion of the show is catered towards people who enjoy seeing performers in awkward situations in the hopes of seeing them be pied in the face by comparable characters.

This award winning show featuring four of the most talented jugglers on the planet comes to you with open arms and warm smiles. The Flying Karamazov Brothers show is one to catch when in your neck of the woods for sure. This unbelievable display of technique and sheer talent sets a stage covered in boxes, great music, dance, theater, comedy, and of course juggling. This is one show you don’t want to miss for anything! Find your discounted hard to find tickets right here for many shows! If availability is an issue anywhere else, you can usually find tickets at a great deal to sold out Flying Karamazov Brothers shows and stage performances. Make sure you bring your interesting items to the show to see if you can baffle the brother who will hopefully be getting a pie to the face!


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