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Mars has always been a mystery to us. Can the planet support life, did it ever have water on its surface? What is it made of, and can it sustain microbial life? These questions and many others have plagued humanity for ages. In 2004, NASA arrived on the surface of Mars represented by two robotic ambassadors of humanity, Spirit and Opportunity. These two ROVs helped answer a lot of our questions about the big Red Planet. As a matter of fact, they are maneuvering around the planet to this day, 6 years after their predicted demise. Today, the ROVs are making leaps and bounds in the field of discovery on the red planet. They have found sodium and silica deposits just under the surface of Mars which would imply that there was once water on the face of Mars. If this is the case, there must have been life there at one point. If there was life on Mars at one point, what was it like? What have the discoveries on Mars been thus far? The ROVs are so amazing! How do they work? If you are asking these same questions about this topic then Exploration Mars: The Next Generation is the event for you to see.

Kobie Boykins, a mechanical engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who designed and help create the ROVs that now move across the planet in search of life or the building blocks that could create life. He brings his passions for the martian planet and engineering to you at the Mesa Arts Center. Kobie is currently working on a ROV that will be able to determine and experiment with the possibility of microbial life being able to be sustained on the Red Planet. This mission will launch in fall of 2011 and will hopefully bring back some highly interesting news for us. If you are into space exploration and Mars in particular, you will definitely need to visit this amazing event. There are so many questions to be answered and the folks at NASA do it better than anyone else. Make sure you purchase your tickets to watch an amazing exploration which helps unravel the blanket of secrecy that covers the rich history of the Red Planet. You will need to experience this panel of experts who speak with such passion to truly understand why these explorations are so important.


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