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Right down the road from the Las Vegas Convention Center lays one of the greatest magic acts the strip has ever seen. Located at the Royal Resort Hotel and Casino is the Dixie Dooley Master Mystifier Show, where great tricks are performed in the old-school fashion with none of the explosions, flashing lights, hydraulics, or filler used in any of the big shows. This show is shorter, but itís all Dixie and his amazing talent for performing great magic tricks peppered with a little comedy in there to get the crowd laughing and a part of the show. This show is quite interactive when it comes to audience participation so no one is left out or left feeling like Dixie is above everyone in the crowd. This is actually a very fitting show for the theater he performs in. It is quite small for a Las Vegas theater and that is good in many ways. One good thing about it is that you are right there, in the action the entire show. There isnít a bad seat in the house so sit as close of far as you like and there is no worry about being able to see the action from the master. Also, the seats are so plush and comfortable that you wonít want to leave for anything! Another great feature about this venue is the fact that just outside the performance room there is a bar. Drinks are allowed in the theater room and you can either bring them in, or order from your seats with the cocktail service available at the venue.

Grace and charisma pour out of Dixie as he performs, absorbing the crowdís energy and recycling it back to keep a constant flow happening. His interaction with the crowd and his ability to mystify the crowd with his uncanny talents as a magician make this show one of the best underrated shows in Las Vegas. For a great price you can be entertained by a master entertainer and magician. This husband and wife team know each other very well, and their performance kicks off flawlessly as Dixie makes his wife disappear, reappear, divides her in two, and all kinds of amazing feats of magic and illusion. There is no better way to go out for the evening on a budget when you are in Vegas than to stop in the Royal Resortís theater for an amazing Dixie Dooley performance. You will be so amazed with the show, you may want to go back again and again!


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