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With fiery reds, yellows and oranges, cooling blues and greens, vibrant fluorescents glazed with black light and sometimes an interesting combination of the palette, you will be captivated by this amazing display of acrobatics, dance, and sheer talent and technique at Cirque Shanghai. Witness some of the most interesting balancing, tossing, juggling, and choreography set to this amazingly vivid color scheme of intense costumes and visual elements. Cirque Shanghai takes the best performers in their field and transforms them into an amazing performance for those who love the unimaginable and the extremely talented. Take a journey into the creative minds of choreographers, costume and set designers, and of course the director for an amazing look into a Chinese circus with a contemporary feel. If the unreal talent and dedication of the performers does not captivate you, which it will undoubtedly do, then the colors, music, and design elements will surely suck you in.

Cirque Shanghai makes its way across the country entertaining families and the like in some very nice theaters. The need for high, death defying stunts is not needed as this performance emulates a well put together street performance as far as the more intricate stunts and acts are performed. There is the theater element which plays greatly into the production and performance of this wonderful show including the costumed individuals that go all out in crazy elaborate ways to create the perfect scene through the use of magnificent costumes and visual elements. This intense group of Chinese Acrobats is proud to bring their talents across the globe for an amazing display of technique and love for the performing arts. They express such a strong dedication to what they do that it is almost unparalleled by any other performance troupe around. They are honored to do what they do and deserve many accolades for their skill in their craft.

The performances are not perfect every time, not by a long shot. These are human beings and humans make mistakes. The interesting part is that even through errors in judgment or even a slip in a step or something of the like gain accolades from the crowd. It is very easy to take these performer’s skills for granted mainly because they make these feats look effortless. With that said, when an error occurs, the general consensus is to applaud because the feats are near impossible to complete. You must see these feats for yourself, so purchase your sold out or hard to find tickets to Cirque Shanghai here for a great deal!


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