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 Cirque Dreams - Illumination sold out show tickets

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From the creators of Holidaze and Jungle Fantasy comes a leap into imagination, creativity, exploration, and tons of acrobatic and dancing fun and excitement. Illumination shines a very bright light on the lives of everyday people and projects them in a manner of disbelief through exuberant dance and impressive acrobatic performance. With a bevy of artist/performers from all over, totaling around 27, you will be hard pressed to find a point of this electrifying performance that does not captivate you in some way. Watch as these artists leap, dance, balance on wires, use lights to illuminate objects, and other great feats of entertainment. With a hearty blend of comedy within the performance, this show is slated to be one amazing journey through the imagination of everyday people. Witness how a wandering mind can turn just about anything into a spectacle right in front of your eyes. Itís really interesting to see the actions of the average person juxtaposed with the imagination within the same mind. This show turns the average Joe into a creative powerhouse and will make everyone feel like a child with a wandering mind all over again. Imagination being the key player in this performance, it is very important to allow yours to take you to the next level throughout the performance.

This show, held in quaint theaters throughout the country, promotes a great evening with the family. The music will get you moving and the dance and acrobatics will have you inspired and looking for more. Audience participation during the clown scene is quite fun as well. This whimsical show holds a place in the minds of many with plenty of great reviews. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a show affiliated with Cirque Du Soleil. It is rich in performance art, acrobatic features, and athleticism; however, it is far from the large scale and major production of the performing art powerhouse. This show, although smaller than Cirque Du Soleil, is absolutely worth the time and money for a patronage. As a matter of fact, one seeing this wonderful show may find an urge to see it multiple times. There is never a dull moment in a Cirque Dreams show and this performance is no exception. Purchase your tickets to sold out Cirque Dreams shows including Illumination and reserve a place in your imagination today! Make sure you bring your imagination to the show, itís a lot more fun that way.


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