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Cesar Millan is the renowned “Dog Whisperer” leading your favorite four legged friends to live better, more controlled lives with his amazing understanding of these fine animals. Dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, so why not take some time out to learn to understand them? The answers to everything you need to know about your beloved mini companion can be found through any number of methods including Cesar’s online training, videos and DVD’s and even live speaking appearances and training demonstrations. With so many products, tricks, and techniques he utilizes in his trainings, there’s got to be an event where people can see for themselves how simple it is to understand a dog, and also how much patience it takes or the type of diligence it takes to come to an understanding with our furry friends. Cesar’s live demonstration is the perfect place to come to gain that understanding and assert yourself with your pets.

Right now, Cesar is packing up for a live tour in Canada where he will demonstrate his skills and help you conquer all your peeves and even fears about your pet running away, biting someone, disobeying, barking uncontrollably, or ruining your home with uncontrollable chewing, scratching, or digging. All of these monumental to dog owner worries are highly relevant, and Cesar has the cure for bridging the gap between us and them. The name says it all! He does not literally whisper to them in their language, he simply assesses the situation and makes a judgment as to why they may be acting the way they are. He then gives some insight and demonstrates the technique behind correcting the issue. It is that simple, all a “student” of his “whispering” ways needs to do is trust, listen, and follow. The rest is up to patience and diligence.

A majority of the issue with the lack of control on your canine friends is the assertion of dominance. If you are not the leader of the pack, someone must be. By nature, dogs are programmed in either following the pack or becoming a leader. The drive to be a leader is strong, so you must beat them to the punch. If you’re in town when Cesar comes to town and you have issues with your dog or dogs, you should definitely consider this show. With great ticket prices and the ultimate acquisition of knowledge and understanding, there is no reason why you should not attend Cesar Millan Live.


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