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Cavalia is an amazing equestrian experience brought to you by the co-founder of Cirque Du Soleil, Normand Latourelle. It is an amazing traveling show which features the same highflying aerial dance and acrobatic feats as Cirque Du Soleil shows, but is not a part of the Cirque roster. This show lends itself to those who have an affinity to horses or not due to all the amazing dancing and acrobatics that are present in the production. The music and vocals behind the action creates an amazing atmosphere for the dreamlike state of the movements within the acts. The performers make their maneuvers look effortless during the show although they are incredibly difficult. The horses are truly the stars of the show, but when an acrobat flies around the arena performing aerial maneuvers then lands on a horse in full stride, they complete the package. Other feats of amazement include riders hanging off of the horses by one leg in full stride, pole riders leaping off the horses to vault a high pole and landing on the horses, and so many more feats it would be difficult to list them all. One must experience this amazing show for themselves to truly appreciate it.

The big top in which this amazing show is presented is easily the largest in North America. With theater style seating there is not a bad seat in the house. This amazing touring setup accommodates a lot of guests and rises about 100 feet in the air in some spots. With a stage measuring 160 feet wide, there is plenty of room for these horses and acrobats to do their thing. Large projection areas tie the amazing feats performed by the horses and acrobats to a fairytale world where anything is possible. At one point, there is a screen created by water flowing in a constant rain which displays a beautiful projection of horses. The water flows and the screen of water comes to life right before your eyes, but as soon as the water stops flowing, itís like it was never even there. The discipline it takes to create a show like this is unreal. To witness how amazingly talented these acrobats are and how well trained the horses are would be the only way to actually believe it. Consistent shows bring guests in droves all over the world. When Cavalia comes to town there is no choice but to see it with oneís own eyes. The experience is priceless!


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