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Bellydance Superstars is an absolutely fantastic show displaying some of the most beautiful women performing one of the most beautiful dance traditions on the planet. This ancient form of dance comes into the mainstream thanks to this amazing show which takes the best belly dancers in the world and puts them on stages for a multitude of audiences who would never imagine seeing something so amazing. Watch as these sirens spin and move in hypnotic rhythm to some of the hottest beats around, with Indian and middle eastern influence. This absolutely amazing performance will transform the current venue into a scene from another world where elegance, beauty, and sex appeal comes forth in an amazing display. You have definitely never seen a display such as this one, and chances are you will never if you do not experience Bellydance Superstars for yourself. This dance sensation has recently been made popular by artists such as Shakira but now, thanks to Miles Copeland (brother to and manager of Stewart Copelandís band The Police). Witness this amazing show brought to you in a fashion which has never been attempted before now. It is well worth the wait for a tour date near you, and with great prices on hard to find tickets, youíll be all set purchasing with us.

Miles got the idea for this phenomenal show when he realized that it had never been done before and that many women of America, England, and South America were very much into the art form. He had spent 25 years of his life in the Middle East living with his parents, his mother an archaeologist and his father a CIA agent. He has a rich background in the styles which fuel this amazing art. Miles saw great promise in the concept which would become Bellydance Superstars, and he was right because this show is HOT! With over 600 shows in 20 or so countries, this show is a hot ticket featuring not only belly dancing but also fuses a number of different traditional and contemporary styles of dance to some great music. The art of Tribal dance will have you swaying back and forth without even realizing it! The rhythm will hypnotize you to the core leaving you a shell absorbing the beauty and wonder of the dance, and the rich culture behind the art form. This show will suck you in, with its amazing music and rich influence in dance and clothing. Make sure you get your tickets to Bellydance Superstars today!


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