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So, you are looking to go out tonight, but you do not know what you want to do. Well, there are many things that you can do, but there is only one thing that you should do, go the opera. A trip to an opera will be one of the best times that you will have. It is perfect for a date, an anniversary or just a nice night out. Whatever the reason, you will have a great time when you attend an opera. You will have an even better time when you use Ticketmomma.com to get a great price on sold out opera tickets. Check out Ticketmomma.com when you want to see and opera like Tosca, to get your sold out tickets for this show.

Separated into three acts, Tosca is an opera that was written by the well known opera writer, Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica wrote the libretto for it. Tosca is loosely based on La Tosca, a French play that was written by Victorien Sardou in 1887. Tosca debut at Rome's Teatro Costanzi in January of 1900, and received high praises from the critics. Tosca is one of the most produced operas in the world today and you will see why when you attend this magnificent opera. Tosca gained notoriety quickly and soon spread out to theatres all over the, including its premiere in New York's Metropolitan Opera in 1901 and l'Opera Comique in France in 1903.

Tosca takes place in Rome in 1800, during the time of the Napoleonic Wars and Napoleon's army was on the Italian doorstep. When the curtain lifts for the first act, we are introduced Cesare Angelotti, who is on the run from the French forces that are occupying Rome. His sister, the Marchesa Attavanti, has a personal sanctuary at a local church and he goes there to seek refuge. We also meet local painter Mario Cavaradossi, who is still a believer in the old ways of Rome and agrees to help Angelotti escape. This is where we also meet Tosca, who is Cavaradossi's lover. Off in the distant an alarm, in the form of a cannon shot, is raised as the guards find that Angelotti has escaped from his confines. A group of soldiers, led by their officer Scarpia, immediately begin the search for Angelotti. Scarpia finds his way to the church where Angelotti ran into and confronts Cavaradossi, who tells Scarpia that he has not seen his prisoner. However, Scarpia does not believe the artist and actually deploys a plot that will get Tosca to reveal where Angelotti is, to execute Cavaradossi and to take Tosca as a lover.

While dining, Scarpia has a letter delivered to Tosca and in it is a request from Scarpia; he wants Tosca to be in his presence. Scarpia issues an arrest warrant for Cavaradossi because he feels that Cavaradossi is not telling the truth and that he knows the whereabouts of the wanted man Angelotti. Scarpia sends Tosca into a room that is adjacent to the room where Cavaradossi is being held, question and eventually tortured. Upon hearing the agonizing bellows that are being rung out of her lover, Tosca reluctantly tells Scarpia where Angelotti is hiding out. Scarpia has ordered Cavaradossi to be put in front of a firing squad and executed, but says that he will fake the execution if Tosca will give into his advances towards her. At first Tosca cannot bring herself to the bed of this utterly disgusting man, but she finally agrees because she cannot have the execution of her love on her soul. However, in a change of events, Scarpia signs the release of Tosca and Cavaradossi, she plunges a knife repeatedly into the body of Scarpia as he advanced onto her.

To find out what happens in the final act, you are going to have to see this great opera, Tosca, for yourself. When you do go and see Tosca, be sure that you get your tickets before they are all sold out. However, if they are sold out, all that you have to do is pay a visit to Ticketmomma.com to get the best prices on sold out opera tickets that you can find anywhere on the web. Be sure that you get you opera tickets for Tosca, so that you can have an amazing opera experience.


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