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Be sure that you check out an exciting opera, like The Mikado, when one rolls around to your part of town. By touring, operas make their way to all different cities and towns around the world, so you know that you will be able to catch the one that you want to see. However, this highly popular form of entertainment will sell out fast when it comes around, so you want to make sure that you get your tickets immediately. If the show that you want to see happens to be sold out, you do not have to worry because Ticketmomma.com can get you the sold out opera tickets to The Mikado that you need. The Mikado is one of the most entertaining operas that you will ever see and you will have a great time.

The Mikado was written in the 1880's, by legendary opera writers W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. The opera debuted at the Savoy Theatre in London, England in March of 1885. It was met with warm responses and became widely popular with critics and audiences alike. The word of mouth quickly spread about this amazing opera and soon The Mikado started premiering in cities across the globe, including cities in America and Australia. To this day, The Mikado is one of the most produced operas in England.

The Mikado takes place in feudal Japan and you are immediately introduced to Nanki-Poo. Nanki-Poo is a traveling music man and he finds himself in Titipu in Japan. While walking around town, Nanki-Poo and he is inquiring about a beautiful young woman, Yum-Yum, but he is quickly informed that flirting in Titipu is strictly prohibited and enforced. In fact, if you get caught making eyes with someone in town, you will be arrested and the offense is punishable by death. Nanki-Poo is also informed that Yum-Yum is set to be married to Ko-Ko, a prisoner turned head executioner. Pooh-Bah, a leader in the town, is informed by the Mikado that if there was not an execution inside of the month that he would bring the town to its needs by decreasing the town's status to a village. Ko-Ko is the first one to be sentenced to execution, so Pooh-Bah tells him that he will have to be executed. Ko-Ko does not want to be executed and strikes a deal with the saddened Nanki-Poo. Nanki-Poo is thinking about taking his own life since he cannot have the woman that he loves. So, Ko-Ko tells Nanki-Poo that he can marry Yum-Yum for a month if he took Ko-Ko's spot on the execution list. Nanki-Poo agrees and the two marry. These events set up the rest of the plot for The Mikado. However, you will have to see the opera in person if you want to know what happens next. We here at Ticketmomma.com do not want to spoil it for you.

Remember, when you are looking for a great opera experience, you need to check out The Mikado. You will be able to get the sold out opera tickets that you need for this show when you take advantage of the services that you will receive from Ticketmomma.com. You do not want to miss out on the amazing night out that you will have when you attend a showing of The Mikado.


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