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There are many ways to spend a night out on the town, like catching a movie, going out to dinner or some sort of activity. Most of these things are fun and you can have a great time doing these things, but all in all, they are pretty average things to do. Do not settle for the average, get out there and experience something that you may not have experienced before, like attending an opera. One of the most amazing operas that you could attend is The Magic Flute. The Magic Flute is a German opera that was written none other than the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The opera was written in 1791 and premiered in the same year at the Freihaus-Theater auf der Wieden.

When the curtain opens, we meet the prince, Tamino, who is on a mission and hot on his tracks is a ferocious and mystical monster. The prince cannot out run the gigantic beast and collapses from weariness. However, the serpent does not find him; instead, three women sent by the Queen of the Night slay the monster and discovers the unconscious prince. All of the ladies find the prince absolutely enthralling, but they do not know what to do with him. After disagreeing about what to do with him, they all collectively decide that it would be best to take him with them. Tamino finally awakes and meets the bird keeper, Papageno, who tells the prince that he was the one that choked the monster, when in fact it was the three ladies. The women learn of Papageno fib and shut him up for a while by locking his mouth with a lock and key.

Now that Tamino is awake and well, the Queen of the Night emerges and tells him that he needs to help her get her daughter, Pamina, back from her arch enemy Sarastro. The Queen of the Night tells Tamino that in return for her daughter's safe escape and return, he shall be allowed to join her daughter in matrimony. Tamino quickly agrees because of two main reasons. One, the prince owes his life to the Queen and her maidens. Two, the Queen showed Tamino a painting of her daughter and Tamino immediately has an attraction to and falls in love. So, Tamino sets out on his journey to rescue the Princess Pamina and is shown the way to Sarastro's liar be the ghosts of children. However, when he arrives he is faced with three separate entrances and he must choose the correct one. The first two he tries are not successful and the third he is met by a man of the cloth who says that Sarastro is not the bad guy and that the women have a sense of duplicity about them.

That is only the first act, so you know that the rest of the opera is going to be absolutely riveting. The Magic Flute is an opera that has stood the test of time and it is one that you do not want to miss out on when it tours to your area. You are going to have a fantastic time when you attend a showing of The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. When you get to the theatre and you find that the opera that you want to attend is sold out, all that you have to do is log onto Tickemomma.com to find the very best price on sold out opera tickets. So, get your tickets and head on over to your local theatre and catch the opera The Magic Flute and you will have the most wonderful time.


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