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One of the most popular operas that you can see is Madame Butterfly. This three act opera was written by Giacomo Puccini and was inspired by John Luther Long's 1898 short story of the same name. Puccini opened his opera in Milan at the La Scala Theatre in 1904. Before the opera became the huge success that it did, is was not very popular at first. Puccini had to go back and rework his opera and actually split it up into three acts instead of two and after some great, and much needed rehearsals, the opera went on to become the brilliant masterpiece that we all have heard about today. With its success, Puccini was able to open up his opera all over the world and made its premiere in the United States in 1906.

Madame Butterfly takes place in Nagasaki, Japan and in the year 1904. When the opera begins, you will meet Pinkerton. Pinkerton is an officer in the U.S. Navy and he is due to marry a Japanese girl, Cio-Cio Sun, when he arrives on shore. We will learn in time that Cio-Cio is also known as "butterfly", hence the title of Puccini's opera. Pinkerton arrives in Nagasaki and is met by Goro, the man who is arranging the wedding of Pinkerton and Cio-Cio. Goro takes Pinkerton to the home in which he and Cio-Cio are to live after their marriage. This is the part of the opera where you will meet a few other characters, as well, like the American Consul Sharpless and the butler, Suzuki. Sharpless and Pinkerton are standing in garden of the officer's new home and the two look over the beautiful harbor.

Pinkerton reveals to Sharpless that he is absolutely taken by the young butterfly, Cio-Cio, and Pinkerton tells Goro to go and retrieve Cio-Cio for him. Pinkerton also admits that he does not know if he is truly enamored with Cio-Cio or if it is just the excitement of having a young, beautiful and fascinating girl. The wedding ceremony begins soon after all of the guests arrive and finally Pinkerton and Butterfly are wed. The celebration begins, but it is short lived when Cio-Cio's uncle, a high ranking priest arrives to the celebration with a curse. He is upset that Cio-Cio has discontinued the practice of her old religion and converts to the religion that Pinkerton believes in. Butterfly is very shaken and upset by this curse and Pinkerton tries to comfort her and he manages to make her feel happy again.

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