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If you are in the mood for a great night out at the opera, you should definitely go and check out La boheme. La boheme is a fantastic opera written by Italian Guiseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica and made its debut in February 1896. Since its premiere, La boheme has been held in high regards and became very popular. It soon found its way across the ocean and premiered in the United States in 1946. The opera is said to be based on a novel, Scenes de la vie de boneme written by Henri Murger. However, there has been some controversy over this because the novel is actually a series of stories with no definitely story line. There was also a play by the same name that provided inspiration for the opera and the opera does not stray too far from the play.

La boheme is set in 1830 and the location of the opera is in Paris, France. The opera is centered on two people, Rodolfo and Mimi, and is broken up into four acts. We immediately meet Rodolfo and a group of bohemians whom he is acquainted with. The group is sitting in their apartment, drinking, smoking and eating on what Schaunard acquired by an English man whom he was employed with. While they all partake in the riches of the night, they receive a visit from their landlord and he wants his money for the rent. The group invites him in and he gets intoxicated and they throw him out but they do not pay him. As the others prepare to go out on the town, Rodolfo decides that he is going to stay for a while and complete his writing assignment. While he is writing his article, a beautiful young woman arrives at the door and her name is Mimi. Mimi has lost the flame on her candle and seeks assistants from Rodolfo. There is an instant connection between the two and instead of going out with his group of friends, Rodolfo stays back in hopes to get better acquainted with Mimi.

Rodolfo and Mimi have fallen in love with each other and begin to form a relationship. However, Rodolfo becomes extremely apprehensive of how provocative and flirty Mimi is and she soon ends the relationship. Mimi has a very serious condition which is never really revealed, but is considered to be tuberculosis, and Rodolfo feels very remorseful for leaving Mimi in her condition. Rodolfo also feels worthless, as he can do nothing to help Mimi because he is poor and has no means to get her the help that she needs. After their separation, Mimi has found another partner, a well to do aristocrat, but that does not last and Mimi is found in horrible condition meandering throughout the city by Musetta. Rodolfo and Mimi are reunited once again, but under very different conditions.

If you want to know how the rest of the opera plays out, you are going to have to attend a showing for yourself. We will certainly not ruin the ending for you. If you need to get sold out opera tickets when you arrive, just visit Ticketmomma.com to get the greatest prices on sold out tickets.


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