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When you are looking for a great night out, attending an opera will be one of the best experiences that you can have. All that you have to do is find an opera that you want to go and see and with so many that are playing at any one time, it could be hard to pick. Well, if you want to take in a great opera that has been around for quite a while, you should definitely check out a showing of Carmen. Carmen was thought up and written by Georges Bizet, a Frenchman who drew inspiration for his opera from the 1845 novel, Carmen. Unfortunately, the first showing of Carmen in 1875, was not well received and barely made it through to complete its first run and some say that it was because of this that Georges Bizet died from complications of a heart attack just three months after Carmen's premiere. However, as luck would have it, Carmen went on to be a smashing success and began to win over audiences and critics all over the globe.

Delivered in four acts, Carmen takes place in the Spanish city of Seville in 1830, and it involves a young man and a young woman. The opera starts off in the city of Seville, where soldiers of the Spanish army stand guard near an old cigarette workshop and Don Jose, one of the leads in this opera, gets ready to do a change of guard with his fellow soldiers. As they do there ceremony, young children who are nearby and watching the soldiers thought it would be funny to mock the soldiers and mimic their every movement. After the scheduled guard change, the closing bell of the cigarette shop chimes and a flood of workers come spilling out, most of them are women of the town and the very last woman to leave the building is Carmen. Immediately, the men notice Carmen and want to have her, all but Don Jose that is and that is, of course, who Carmen throws her attention to.

Don Jose already has a love interest, so he does not even notice Carmen. Well, he may but he does not let her know about it. Carmen gets into an altercation with another woman and is arrested, but Don Jose lets her escape, a decision that would bust him down in and land him in prison. Don Jose fell in love with Carmen and he kept a few things from their previous meeting. Carmen convinces Jose to leave his lover, to abandon the army and to join group of smugglers. However, there is trouble in paradise when Carmen does not like the company of Don Jose any longer. From there, a series of events unfold to reveal the most twisted of endings.

Carmen is a most excellent opera to see when you are in the mood for some terrific acting and sensational singing. Now is the best time to take advantage of the great prices that you can get on sold out opera tickets from right here at Ticketmomma.com. Be sure that you do not miss out on an exciting night and go and see Carmen at a theatre near your home.


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