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The home of Zobapago, Akron, Ohio, is where spectacular entertainment can be found. Such spectacular entertainment involves educational components relative to the everyday life of young children. Science and health are the main focuses of Zobapago which will be portrayed to the audience of children in an entertaining manner. However, the best thing about Zobapago is that you do not have to spend endless hours sitting with your children in your front of your television screen watching the show. Instead, Zobapago comes to a city near you where you and your family views the show live. Interactive music involved with dance is what the show consists of. Lasting for less than an hour, Zobapago can easily be fit into your busy schedule. However, if Zobapago does not come to a city near you, a request can be sent to them to come to closer city to perform in camps, schools, parties or any other celebration you can think of that relates to children. The New-Matic-Crew are the ones who make sure everything is tuned up and ready to go for the show. Instruments need checking to ensure fun is produced on the bus ride. TaxiMan Zan will be your guide during the show and he will introduce you to all of the Zobapa-Dopsters. Destination Dayzee will tell you where your next stop is during the show. Mr. Mathematix will be your teacher of numbers and shapes. Quizzical Lucy will explain how scientific experiments work. Dr. Heltheebody is the lady to go to if you are sick. She will give you advice on how to become well again. Dr. Sparkelsmile is the nicest dentist you will ever meet who brushes your teeth to the rhythm of a song. With too many characters to name, you are going to have to go to Zobapago to meet them all. Tickets are on sale now!


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