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Ariel, a mermaid princess, is not happy the under the sea life; her mind often ponders the components of the human world. Her best friend, Flounder, helps Ariel collect hints and clues of the human world until eventually they both travel to the seaís surface to visit Scuttle where they believe they can find more information. King Triton, Arielís father, warns her of the cruelty of the humans. King Triton and Sebastion forbid the humans from Ariel. However, Ariel ignores these warnings and continues to search for human life. Her first encounter with human activity is the birthday celebration of Prince Eric. This is when Ariel falls in love for the first time, not just with human life but with the prince. The typical story line then falls into place when a storm creeps upon the celebration where Ariel saves Prince Eric when he almost drowns. When Ariel sings to him, Prince Ericís heart starts beating once again. But before he comes back to his senses, Sebastian takes Ariel away. Prince Eric then awakens and faintly remembers what happened on the beach. He sets out on adventure to find the girl with the beautiful voice who saved his life. In order to find out if Prince Eric finds Ariel you will have to become part of their world. But instead of finding out what happens next from you home theatre, you can find out at Little Mermaid Live beginning March 26, 2011. Texas, California, and myriad of other cities and states will be visited by Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, and the rest of the crew. Make sure you do not miss out on this spectacular event. Perfect for any family event, celebration or outing, The Little Mermaid Live should not be missed. Find out if Prince Eric and Ariel ever meet again!


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