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Think of the story of the Cinderella. The fairytale is a story of how the prince sweeps the princess off of her feet at the royal ball and they live happily ever after. Well, the Swan Lake has a few various twists to the story that will keep you on your toes as you are watching the characters reveal hidden secrets and plots. In Cinderella, the wicked step mother tries to turn the story into a disastrous one. Swan Lake includes a half-man, half-bird enemy who tries to ruin the story by promising his daughter the prince will marry her. Now, that was just a little bit to get you started. If you want to know what happens in the end you will have to attend Swan Lake on Ice, an ideal family event appropriate for any occasion.

Swan Lake on Ice’s cast proves to be very well experienced and they have been rated “Best Special Entertainment” quite frequently in the past. The tour includes adults and children so whoever you may bring with you to the performance, they will definitely enjoy. Perfect for your child’s birthday or for your parent’s anniversary, Swan Lake on Ice will entertain all. During the performance, you will never see the same costume twice. With a myriad of various costumes, every character has their own unique qualities and distinctions. With over two hundred and fifty medals won, Swan Lake on Ice is bound to blow you away with their professionalism and elegance.

Now touring, Swan Lake on Ice will be in a city near you in the year 2010 and 2011. Their international tour begins July 25, 2010, in New Zealand and will end May 14, 2011 in the UK. Portugal, Germany, Spain, Wales and many other countries will be visited. Tickets are on sale now!


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