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Music, education, and performance all come together with Rob the Drummer to create inspired vision to convey to children and to convince them to be motivated in life. Participation of the audience in a key ingredient to producing such an effective show. Rob the Drummer invites his audience to fight for anti-bullying and diversity. However, the show is not the preaching type. Kids become involved and are scientifically proven to learn better this way. Dance and music energize the audience and help them determine that they will be against bullying and violence. Therefore, Rob the Drummer is the one inspirational performer who teaches youngsters the importance of unity and acceptance. Rob the Drummer gets the message through to his audience like no one else can do. The rich and dramatic atmosphere present at Rob the Drummer live shows impact a myriad of lives all over the county. If you do not want bullying to continue in your schools, neighborhood, or even households then Rob the Drummer is the one who can help everyone out collectively. So get pumped about Rob the Drummer coming to a city near you to impact thousands of lives at school, in neighborhoods and everywhere else. Drum roll please! Beginning March 1, 2010, Rob the Drummer will begin his tour in Michigan elementary schools and middle schools. And will then continue on his tour throughout the country. Issues also touched on by Rob the Drummer are self confidence, self esteem, equality of race and gender, anti-smoking, anti-drugs, and a plethora of other touchy subjects. Teachers, parents and students of every age, race, and creed are encouraged to participate in this effective seminar full of dancing and musical fun. Do not let Rob the Drummer pass your children by because they may be the ones who need this talk the most.


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