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Full of a various five minute episodes, Peppa Pig will keep you coming back for more with all of the creative events and stories of Peppa and her friends. If you or your children love animals then Peppa Pig is the show for them to enjoy. With every different animal on the show, each character is unique and all of their names start with the same letter of their species. Creativity already. Every day activities such as swimming, playing doctor, riding bikes and everything else young children do is what is involved in Peppa Pig. All of the characters, even though they are animals, act like regular humans but still keep some of their animal characteristics. Since Peppa is a pig she snorts when she talks. For fun, she splashes around in muddy puddles near the sidewalk. The Rabbit Family has an obsession with carrots just like any other rabbit would. The Sheep, the Dogs, the Zebras, the Pigs, the Rabbits, and many other families are included in this television show. However, you and your children do not have to sit around your living room on the couch watching the show from your television screen. Instead, you can see Peppa Pig live on tour in a city near you for a very affordable price. The end of November until the beginning of January, Peppa Pig will be in London at the Criterion Theatre. If you are near, make sure to stop by and see Peppa Pig with all of her family and friends. Peppa Pig Live is a perfect way to celebrate with family and friends and to learn the importance of staying close to the ones you love. Children will learn valuable lessons through Peppa Pig such as being kind to others and will learn the Golden Rule. Tickets are on sale now!


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