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Dick Whittington is a wonderful story about a boy from a poor family who wandered to London from Gloucestershire to pursue a fortune foretold by voices in church bells. He arrives in London to find that the streets are not paved in gold and is left penniless, cold, and hungry. As he fends for himself he meets Alderman Fitzwarren, a business man who owns a shop specializing in goods and items from all over the world. Mr. Fitzwarren offers Dick a job as his scullery boy and a place to stay, which unfortunately is infested with rats! Dick earns a penny for shining a manís shoes and uses that penny to purchase a cat. This cat is wonderful; he is the best ratting cat in all of London! One day, Mr. Fitzwarren asks his employees if they would like to place something on one of his trading ships to be sold or traded for gold. Dick placed his cat on the ship.

To Dickís surprise, his cat was sold to a king for a fortune due to the kingís castle being infested with mice. With his fortune, Dick becomes a very successful man, partnering up with Mr. Fitzwarren. He then becomes the Lord Mayor of London three times, as the bells predicted.

This interesting pantomime brings an interesting story to life with a cast of actors who bring laughs from all corners of the theater. Their dry, witty humor is easily appreciated and makes the story of Dick Whittington and his cat that much better. It is a quasi-interactive show where children and audience members are encouraged to speak out by being asked questions and the like. This show is a great family night out with plenty of silly comedy for the young ones and plenty of adult innuendos for the adults. Dick Whittington and His Cat is never a dull moment.


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