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Click Clack Moo. What is the first word that comes to mind? Cows of course. But clicking cows? Typing cows are the main characters of Click Clack Moo. These “moo-ving” cows tell a story of compromise. They protest against their boss by typing messages since they cannot express words. Farmer Brown, their master, does not appreciate this “click-clack” sound all day, every day. However, you will feel differently about the cows when you watch the show. The fantastic off broadway musical is the best yet. Click Clack Moo will keep you laughing throughout the duration of the show. So be prepared for a fun-filled hour or two. For children four and up, Click Clack Moo is perfect for any family occasion or celebration. Surprise your children with a ticket to see Click Clack Moo where they will interact with the cows and learn how to stand up for what they believe in. This is the ideal depiction of turning children’s literature into a dynamic theatrical piece that will entertain people of all ages. Dance and sing with Farmer Brown and his farm animals. But you will have to go to the show to see who wins the protest war. Farmer Brown or the cows and hens on strike? Negotiation and compromise will be the lessons learned at the show. Beginning Saturday, November 6, 2010, Click Clack Moo will set off on their tour. From Glendora, California, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Click Clack Moo will most likely stop by in a city near you. With cheap tickets there is no reason why you cannot take yourself and your family to see Click Clack Moo sometime soon. Surprise your son for his birthday or your daughter for making honor roll. Tickets are on sale now so do not miss out on this great event.


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