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Cinderella is an epic story of a young peasant who slaves for her wicked step mother and sisters who resent her for her astonishing beauty. Many know the wonderful story of true love conquering the wicked of circumstances and have seen the animated film, but we guarantee you have never seen it in this light before. Bask in an amazing stage show filled with wonderful décor, props, and enchanting music. The elaborate sets will transform the theater into the magical world of possibility, magic, and fairytale. The costumes are of the most elegant and complete the look bringing the visual element into the production. Aside from remarkable dance there is a bit of humor mixed into the production. Most times, the production is serious and dramatic; however, there are elements of ease and humor which make for nice intermissions in the program. Whether the scene is serious or not, the movements of these amazing dancers are graceful and elegant. There is one scene where Prince Charming and Cinderella dance with each other in an array of blue lights which really add to the dramatic effect of the scene as well as making the scene between Cinderella and Prince Charming a lot more intimate.

Cinderella the ballet travels around the world telling the wonderful story about rewards for those who deserve them as well as the major message of love conquering all. Seeing Cinderella in the medium of ballet is one to see for sure. The story is well choreographed and the added visual elements really pull the story into an entirely different way to experience Cinderella. This may not be a good show for the children (regardless of the content) only due to the fact that ballet rarely holds the interest of children. Spend the evening reliving your childhood through an elegant spin on the wonderful story of Cinderella.


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