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Riverdance is commonly referred to the “Irish Dancing Phenomenon” by critics. When opening in Dublin Theatre, the show went sold out for five weeks of with sales in excess of one hundred and twenty thousand tickets. The Show is a journey through Celtic mythology drawing a myriad of emotions from the audience throughout the course of the performance. It opens with the acknowledgement of the sun by humanity. Then an ensemble song “The Heart’s Cry” personifies the power of the human need to be with nature and each other. The performers walk to each other forming a cluster of humanity. Next to be performed is a stylized female dance of empowerment called The Countless Cathleen. Visits to Celtic Mythological figures continue with a look at an ancient hero, the overpowering weather, the unforgiving wilderness, the rejuvenating power of the sun, then the bountiful harvest, and the climax of the show at the Riverdance. During the Riverdance scene, the spirit of the ever flowing river woman is drawn to the foreground of everything before she vanishes and the people experience famine, dislocation, and slavery. In the American Wake, Act Two begins with the arrival of the Irish on the shores of America. They are poor and ill treated, but they have their voices and ability to dance showing their true wealth. Hope is resilient and the people of the new shore reaffirm their hope of a new life. For The Harbour of the New World, the emigrants meet a diverse cast of people and showcase the varied cultures they encounter. After a short look back at their past and their heritage, the rush forward to the finale as everyone joins on stage to joyously celebrate the unity of mankind.


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