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Lucinda Childs, working in dance since 1963, is a veritable dynamo in the art. She always performs with the tenacity of a shining stars light trying to illuminate a sparsely furnished room. Her collaborations are many and diverse while she maintains an unheard of air of discipline in her professionalism. Most of her work is done in the Modern Conceptual Style. This form prefers the appreciation of simple, yet defined movements that punctuate the surrounding space as if relishing in the exploration of the area. She painstakingly performs arrangements of choreography that will be performed continually throughout the show but in differing postures and slightly opposing times and angles. She will use the same defined motions, but presently them in entirely original ways from beginning to end so that the same movement will never be replicated, but will be thoroughly studied. Her best known performance was called Street Dance in 1964 in which multiple dancers would blend into the passing crowd, only to point out points of interests simultaneously and intermittently. The accompanying monologue to their actions often forced spectators to visualize the dancers’ point of interest even if there was no physical point to be viewed. The audience was asked to look beyond reality to imagine what cannot be seen. She has most recently been appointed, by the French Government, to the rank of Commandeur dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.


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