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The Dancing Wheels program is a magnificent endeavor to increase the amount of handicapped productions for professional dancers in existence. It seeks to offer a professional and teaching or learning outlet for a broader range of dancing ability. The program is run by Mary Verdi-Fletcher, a respected professional wheelchair dancer. The Dancing Wheels School was founded in 1990 by her and has since become a foremost avenue for learning dance of all genres and any dancing ability. She is noted for pushing for equalization legislation and paving the way for other state and national programs promoting the equalization policies. In her company are Sara Lawrence-Sucato, Hoang Ngoc Dang, Jessika Muns, Nicole Deegan, Frank Polk, Mark Daurelio, Jennifer Sikora, Ryan Dick, Kristen Stilwell, Carly Dorman, Teri Westerman, and Dezare Foster. They each teach or train with Mary or her programís classes. Together, they have done renditions of Alive in Wonderland, Big Trucks and Leverage, Common Cause, Walls of Glass, Missing You, The Snowman, and Sweet Radio Radicals. Members of the company have also made tributes to dance and have worked together to present a Celebration of Dance show in between scheduled performances outside the school. The board of directors fully endorses the program and they routinely tour to great effect and reception to advance equalization in the industry and entertain.


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