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The legendary Peter Kay will tell stories of family weddings, biscuits, stupid things, and a myriad of other general topics, but no matter what his stories revolve around you will find yourself laughing so much it is hard to breathe. Finding stories about Peter Kay’s mother using his Mach3 Turbo and other such related stories will most likely be the funniest. Throughout the stories of Peter Kay you will meet Uncle Knobhead, Mr. Bean, and many other imaginary characters who will add intensity to your laughter. His dances, songs, and relevant stage props will make your night the best along with the surrounding people having the time of their lives. Comical voices, stories, and acts are what make Peter Kay a legend. The English comedian began his career when he won So You Think You’re Funny in 1997. After his victory he took his show to Edinburgh Fringe in England; here, he became a nominee of the Perrier Award. With live DVDs and television shows, Peter Kay has become quite a success internationally. Anyone who is familiar with the comedy entertainment industry should know Peter Kay, hence the fact that he is a comedian legend. With grandmas and old aunts doing embarrassing dances at weddings while drunk always looks even funnier when Peter Kay is reenacting the scene. So if the rain is interrupting your walk by the bay, you can depend on Peter Kay to brighten your day. The hilarious Slimming World, a story told by Peter Kay, is compared to Weight Watchers but it just does not last as long and it is a lot cheaper. So if you are having problems in the “slimming world” area, grab a Kashi bar and listen to Peter Kay. Laughter is the best medicine. When Wednesday comes, two days into the diet, and you eat some French fries from McDonalds, Peter Kay will make you laugh which will burn those few extra pounds. No matter how gloomy your day, Peter Kay will never fail to make a way.


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