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Using observational humor, Brian Reganís clean comedy is appropriate for any group of people to enjoy. Perfect for any occasion Ė anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations Ė Brian Regan can bring a smile to anyoneís face. Every day events, childhood references, and a plethora of other subjects are always brought into Brian Reganís performances. Spelling bees, doctorís office visits, UPS shipping, science fairs, and a myriad of other scenarios is what makes Brian Reganís humor universal. Everyone is able to relate to Brian Reganís humor. Brian Reganís stunning comedy attracts people of all ages. Grandparents and teenagers will both like Brian Reganís comedy alike. Family members and friends gather around to acquire a night of laughter with Brian Regan. But instead of watching Brian Regan from your home television screen, see Brian Regan in person when he is even funnier. You are in luck because Brian Reganís tour is on the go right now and will be in a city near you sometime soon. Taking a short break for the holidays, Brian Regan will be back on the road in January 2011. Regan will tour until the end of April. Regan is giving you plenty of opportunities to see his show in person for yourself. Visiting cities all over America, Regan will be happy to see you all in his audience. Remember that the dates are approaching sooner than you think and tickets sale very quickly. Buy your tickets now before time or tickets run out. With Brian Regan, your horrible week at work or your fight with your spouse can be forgotten about when Brian Regan makes you laugh until you cry. One of the best comedians in America is coming near you to make your night full of laughter. Laughter is the best medicine and no one can do it better than Brian Regan.


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