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Zumanity is the hottest and sexiest Cirque Du Soleil show ever. This amazing show features some of the most beautiful performers, men and women, completing some intense acrobatics and feats of circus artistry in the most erotic costumes, or lack thereof. This Cirque Du Soleil show is definitely adult oriented with plenty of nudity and sexual innuendoes to go around for the masses. This electrifying performance, put together by Guy Laliberté, Dominic Champagne, and René Richard Cyr as well as all the other major contributors to costume, makeup, and choreography is one that cannot be missed when visiting the city of lights. There is a little bit of everything in this production and something for both sexes including well proportioned men and women artists, acrobats, and dancers, singing, dancing, acrobatics, comedy, crowd participation and interaction, nudity, sensuality, and great music.

Subtle set changes break up the action between the acts in Zumanity, which has no story line what so ever. The show is a beautiful blend of Cabaret and Burlesque with a live orchestra and band providing the titillating music to the crowd. At the beginning of the show, you are greeted by beautiful and handsome cast members wearing close to nothing. These cast members provide guests with a little flirtatious interaction and some even bring out strawberries to the waiting crowd members. As the show starts, the characters are gathered on stage for their introductions. As the narrator introduces each character, they parade down the catwalk inviting the gawking gazes of the crowd. This sets the mood for the performance that is about to ensue. The theater in which the performance is held is very classy looking, decorated in the fashion of a European opera house. The theater does not house much technically advanced machinery or elaborate sets which may have taken great engineers copious amounts of time to construct, instead it reserves itself to an intimate setting which is about to host one of the most sensual, intimate, and erotic shows you have ever seen. The magic is in the performance, guaranteed!

As indicated before, the story line in Zumanity does not exist. Each act is a stand-alone performance which is married together in the fashion of costume and sensual attitude each scene has. The scenes are blended together very well due in part to the wonderful design of the set elements and also the work of the narrator who ties the production together with a sensual bow of lace as if wrapping an erotic package for a Valentine’s Day gift. Even though there is sex, erotic dress, and intimate pleasures available for the audience to indulge in, there is also the classic acrobatic content performed by the best that Cirque Du Soleil has to offer. There are plenty of circus disciplines available for the pleasure of the audience to bask in, each with their own degree of difficulty to perform, especially when wearing next to nothing or something highly erotic. In the “Waterbowl” scene, two contortionists find themselves swimming and posing together, exploring each other, their creativity, and their flexible abilities while the crowd watches. In the scene “Straps” artist Louise Yorath entertains the crowd by swinging from her erotic bondage. She plays a convincing role as she teases herself and the audience in her erotic and seemingly exhibitionistic maneuvers over the stage, bound by her straps which seem to be the catalyst to her deepest pleasures.

All in all, this show is a fine place for a couple, a group of girlfriends, or anyone else who enjoys a sexy and sensual show put on by the aerial and dance masters, Cirque Du Soleil. Be prepared for a completely different experience at this Cirque show though, because it is nothing short of adult entertainment. This erotic masterpiece can be found at New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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